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Monday, August 7, 2017

Scientists' hubris, greed and propaganda = Rx for human suffering

Probably the most common factor in biological, aerospace, civil engineering and other disasters is scientific hubris--a cocky overestimation of scientific understanding and one's own intellectual capacity and a fatal underestimation of the complexity of factors of our world--including our own bodies. 
A scientific journal recently proclaimed that "Researchers have demonstrated they can efficiently IMPROVE the DNA of human embryos." This kind of propaganda that emanates from the scientific community serves to advance their own financial and intellectual interests. 
Mix hubris, greed and propaganda and you have a prescription for human suffering and loss of life. A quick Google turns up instructive disaster examples in Aerospace (e.g., Columbia Shuttle, Concorde, TWA Flight 800), civil engineering (e.g., World Trade Center Collapse, Quebec Bridge) and other areas of science (e.g., Titanic, Nuclear Fuel Rod, Bhopal, Flixborough). 
But with this particular scientific disaster-in-the-making (the phrase "improving the DNA of human embryos" says it all), we're talking about a new and abominable kind of disaster that will potentially span generations.
These particular researchers have already shown that they are not concerned about the sanctity of human life, by destroying human embryos as if they were guinea pigs. 
It's time we stop thinking of scientists and researchers as somehow, unlike every other kind of person on earth, totally objective and trustworthy. We need to end the notion, pervasive among our modern culture that essentially worships science as an alternative religion, that somehow we need to let scientists do whatever they fancy because, well, they're so much smarter than all the rest of us combined. 
We cannot--must not--let a hubristic, well-funded but ethically bankrupt elite run our society. Wake up and speak up about this.

Rebuilding the wall of religious freedom

Wall of Jerusalem
In biblical times, secular kings provided outcast and downcast Israelites, living in a hostile pagan culture, an opportunity to return to their spiritual home and rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. Their enemies derided them and used the secular government to stop progress. But with faith, determination and courage, the Israelites rebuilt the wall (see the book of Nehemiah).
The Obama administration gave American believers a taste of what government disfavor can feel like when aimed at people of faith. A few examples:
The Obama administration relentlessly pursued
faith-based objectors to a contraceptives mandate,
forcing groups like Little Sisters of the Poor
into court to avoid ministry-killing federal fines
--Coercing health professionals and redefining sex discrimination: the 2016 HHS transgender mandate;
--Squelching First Amendment freedoms on campuses: barring campus faith expression;
--Forcing nuns to violate religious tenets: the Obamacare contraceptive mandate;--Threatening pro-life doctors and health care access: the 2009 gutting of the federal conscience regulation;--Denying federal human trafficking grants to pro-life programs for victims: HHS grant scandal;--Government intrusion on churches' hiring freedom: Supreme Court Hosanna Tabor case;--Firing and coercing life-honoring health care professionals and students: personal stories of discrimination.
As American culture continues to careen toward widespread hostility against the Church, we have a window of opportunity--perhaps a brief one--to rebuild the legal wall of religious freedom that our founders erected.
Failure to do so will make the Obama administration's assaults on the Church seem like gentle nudges in comparison to the wholesale oppression that future hostile administrations may undertake.
"So we built the wall and the whole wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work."--Nehemiah 4:6