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Thursday, May 7, 2015

My new book, Faith Steps, helps Christians communicate with secular audiences on controversial issues
Just published my new book, Faith Steps, on faith and personal and public policy choices.

About Faith Steps

  • Should followers of Christ avoid politics as worldly and corrupting or fully engage in public policy and cultural influence?
  • In an increasingly secular culture, how can people of faith understand and communicate on vital issues and also protect freedoms of faith, conscience and speech?
  • Has the United States permanently torn its tether to faith values, or could a spiritual and cultural movement lead the way back to faith?
Such questions form significant challenges for followers of Christ in twenty-first century America. Faith Steps looks to time-tested yet often neglected biblical principles to construct strategies for personal authentic Christianity and winsome and effective engagement with those outside the faith.
Each decision we make and action we take--to choose good or choose evil, to acknowledge God or not--either takes steps closer to God or further from Him. These faith steps determine the quality of our temporal lives and our ultimate destiny.
Sex … abortion ... stem cell research ... assisted suicide ... religious freedom ... human trafficking. The stands we take and the choices we make on vital issues, as individuals and as a nation, matter now and for eternity.
Faith Steps encourages Christians to personally adopt biblical stances on social and ethical issues and also to boldly and respectfully engage our neighbors and our culture--not as political partisans but as wise and winsome ambassadors.
Followers of Christ can influence a nation to take faith steps toward God, by communicating biblical values to a secular audience in the universally understood terms of self-interest--harms and benefits. Yet we also must lead with our deeds to help others accept our words.
The goal is to move the nation toward the good and God; to keep minds open, hearts softened and soils fertile; and to lay a foundation for spiritual reformation.
Decisively rejecting the stifling notion that Christians should remain mute on controversial social issues and shun the political arena, Faith Steps reveals the biblical mandate and framework for courageous and compassionate engagement with our neighbors and our culture.
Faith Steps translates and condenses complex issues and suggesting strategies to help followers of Christ engage neighbors and colleagues. This book will help anyone interested in moral values and public policy issues--from seasoned culture warriors to political bystanders--to (a) better understand the issues and (b) effectively communicate with others by presenting common-sense and respectful messages that focus on meeting the needs of others.

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