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Monday, March 16, 2015

Dems' abortion ideology holds up anti-trafficking in persons bill

The Washington Examiner reports that Senate Democrats are suddenly opposing a heretofore bipartisan bill to fight human trafficking, after unanimously passing it out of committee, because it contains a modest anti-abortion measure routinely approved by both parties in legislation every year for nearly four decades. 
The longstanding Hyde Amendment simply keeps our tax dollars out of the abortion industry--a concept supported by two-thirds of Americans, according to recent polling. The Hyde Amendment even includes exceptions for saving the life of the mother and, despite some pro-life objections, also for rape and incest.
Which leaves Senate Democrats with the lamest of talking points, such as not realizing that the Hyde Amendment was referenced in the short, 62-page bill. Did the Senate Democrats not bother to read the legislation from laziness, did they not understand it out of ignorance or do they think that Americans suddenly want their tax dollars to pay Planned Parenthood to end the lives of developing babies?

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