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Monday, March 30, 2015

A pro-life campaign for a pro-life president

A colleague recently asked me to sketch out a pro-life campaign for the next president. Here are some initial thoughts; I'd welcome your additions and comments:

“Life for All”


Protecting life in law while addressing the underlying pressures and concerns that contribute to life-dishonoring actions such as abortion, lethal stem cell research and assisted suicide.
  • Nominate SCOTUS judges who will respect Constitutional originalism, apply equal protection of law to unborn, disabled, elderly, vulnerable
  • Appoint pro-life personnel in key positions (Chief of Staff, HHS, State, USAID, Educ, CDC, AG, Surgeon General, faith-based offices)
  • Throughout speeches, use personal stories, quotations, evidence and contemporary examples to illustrate the worth of all human beings from beginning of life onward

Beginning of Life Issues

  • Work with Congress to make permanent Hyde, Weldon, and similar laws and also provide private right of action
  • Restore and enforce conscience regulation in healthcare, accompanied by nationwide campaign (as planned but not implemented in time by GWB HHS)
  • Rescind HHS abortion pill mandate
  • First Lady campaign highlighting work of pregnancy centers
  • Funding programs for medical pregnancy centers that offer ultrasound
  • Enforce Dickey-Wicker, increase funding for embryo-safe stem cell research
  • Get abortion subsidies out of international programs: restore programs such as Mexico City Policy, defund UN support of China’s one-child policy, etc.

Life-Related Issues

  • Exec. orders across agencies in line with RFRA (would have prevented, e.g., HHS mandate)
  • Work with Congress to rescind Obamacare and replace it with state high-risk pool safety nets to increase access; allow interstate insurance competition; encourage HSA’s; reform malpractice; adequately reimburse for Medicare
  • Fund sexual risk avoidance (abstinence) programs as most effective way to reduce unplanned pregnancies
  • Put real faith-based personnel in faith-based offices across agencies and make sure they have significant WH influence
  • Shift international health focus away from gender/abortion ideology and onto saving lives
  • Institute critical evaluation of international contraceptives programs safety, effectiveness and diplomatic implications

End of Life Issues

  • Work with Congress to update appropriately aggressive Rx of pain meds while outlawing use of federally regulated lethal meds for suicide (e.g., PRPA)
  • Increase focus on, possibly funding of, mental health and other programs that can prevent suicide and also highlight reasons to live
  • Surgeon General anti-suicide campaign combined with initiatives re: counseling and support programs
  • Work with Congress to pass laws prohibiting assisted suicide incentives

Specific legislation

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