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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saving students' lives: What it takes to be a hero

While California teacher unions, fretting over lawsuits, opposed a lifesaving bill to equip schools with EpiPens to save students from deadly anaphylactic shock, courageous and committed physicians like Dr. Kent Brantley risked their lives caring for Ebola patients in Africa whom they hardly knew.
What makes the difference? A worldview that considers the interests of others and not just self. A mantra more like "Do unto others…" than "What's in it for me?" A focus on the long-term, soul-sustaining casting of character rather than the short-term pleasure of cash in the pocket.
These are the everyday choices that determine what kind of people we will be and how others will view us. For all the teachers of character who daily put our children and grandchildren ahead of petty self-interest, thank you for your honorable service. For the heads of the teachers unions, just get out of the way of these heroes.

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