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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Family takes Obamacare religious freedom case to Supreme Court

Wayne Hepler, owner of the Seneca Hardwood Lumber company, sees his work and providing jobs to the community as part of a stewardship from God. He views his business as an extension of himself and his values.

Hepler has always depended on the first freedoms in the Bill of Rights--especially freedom of religion, speech and assembly. But when the Obama administration insisted that companies like his participate in the provision of life-ending contraceptives, Hepler said that violated those First Amendment freedoms.

Hepler notes that the government is saying, "We are going to force you to do something against your moral principles."

His daughter notes, "Anytime you see someone else's rights being violated, that should be a concern. If you can violate one right, what's to keep another right from being violated?"

Heritage Foundation video
View a video interview with Wayne Hepler, his daughter and attorney Matt Bowman here.

Now Hepler and others must argue their case for the restoration of religious freedom. The Supreme Court will hear two religious freedom cases, including Hepler's, on March 25.


Save the date and visit here: for the latest news and information when the two families, Alliance Defending Freedom’s client Conestoga Wood Specialties and The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’s client Hobby Lobby seek justice from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pray for the attorneys arguing the case:

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