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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Government compulsion versus choice in healthcare

Alliance Defending Freedom video: Obamacare and abortion
The tragic and predictable failure of the Affordable Care Act provides Americans with a stark illustration of the consequences of government compulsion versus choice. Obamacare can only achieve its stated purpose--affordable care and increased access--by forcibly redistributing wealth and limiting consumer choice. The law forces the young and the healthy to buy unneeded and unwanted government-dictated insurance plans to subsidize healthcare for the old and the sick. 
Obamacare's pricey premiums force many consumers to decline insurance and pay comparatively lesser fines, thereby collapsing the law's premise of a larger pool of insured payers. Others lose their coverage as struggling employers to trim hours and personnel to adjust to the law's mandates. Employers who conscientiously object to Obamacare's abortion pill mandate are forced to drop health coverage. 
Insurance companies cannot afford to ignore actuarial realities that account for relative risk. Burgeoning regulation and government control, coupled with Obamacare's failure to curb malpractice lawsuit abuses or provide adequate Medicare reimbursements, push physicians out of medicine, fueling shortages. 
Government compulsion undermines both healthcare affordability and access. We need instead bipartisan, measured reforms that rely on the proven benefits of competition and consumer choice.

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