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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fatal blow from friends: Jon Stewart mercilessly mocks Obamacare

Four years ago, this column warned that Obamacare would be about as popular and efficient as your state Department of Motor Vehicles:
Freedom2Care: Why one woman ran to the hospital when she heard ...Dec 02, 2009Anyone tempted to buy the political propaganda extolling government-run health care should think about their last experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles--and then imagine their lives depending on that bureaucracy.

Freedom2Care: Rescue us from this precipiceDec 26, 2009Anyone who's visited a government Department of Motor Vehicles can imagine how government-directed healthcare decisions—which would occur under current legislation with or without the “public option”—will result in the 
Okay, I was wrong. Obamacare is way less popular and efficient than any state Department of Motor Vehicles. 
The administration must be quietly realizing this fact, now that even the most liberal Obamacare supporters are mercilessly mocking the hapless healthcare program. Just read the Washington Post story, "How Jon Stewart became President Obama's biggest problem" and watch Stewart's lampooning of the Obamacare rollout.

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