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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Take action now: Tell Congress not to cut aid to needy by cutting gift tax deduction

Behind closed doors, Members of Congress have been proposing charitable gift deduction cuts that would severely harm giving, charities and those they serve. That's why a coalition of leaders of nonprofit organizations last week met at the Capitol with U.S. senators and staff, to urge them not to kill tax breaks for donations to charities--a move that would hurt donors, cripple faith-based charities and deprive those they serve of desperately needed services.
A person gives from the heart, of course, but tax policies can significantly influence how much donors feel able to give. The charity deduction is unique in that it simply acknowledges that a person is giving away income to help others in need. The charitable gift deduction is not a loophole--it's a lifeline.
With the self-imposed deadline for Congressional action--i.e., a draft bill by the end of the month--fast approaching, we need to explain clearly and quickly why the proposed cuts to charitable giving would harm millions of Americans. 
Please visit the Freedom2Care website now to learn more and take action on this issue that impacts your charitable tax deductions, charities and most importantly, the millions of individuals served at home and abroad through American charities.

Take Action:

Use this easy form now to tell your legislators to protect your gift tax deduction, charities and most importantly, those they serve!

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