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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Obama administration policy: Save money by preventing babies

Deploring how our government discourages having children, in a USA Today commentary, James Dobson rightly deprecates well-known government policies that penalize couples for having children. Yet few observers have exposed the insidious population control agenda hidden in the Obama administration's contraceptives and abortifacients mandate.
While the mandate plainly assaults religious liberty by forcing conscientious objectors to participate, buried deep in the administration's rationale for the plan is a disturbing and unfounded assertion by our government--that insurers must submit to paying for contraception nationwide because preventing babies supposedly will be cheaper than delivering babies.
Such an argument may appeal to those more focused on protecting abortion rights than children, but advocating alleged short-term cost savings of preventing babies over the long-term intrinsic and social value of children rips apart the very fabric of American culture and society.
The long-term economic and security consequences of fewer babies are obvious: A population top-heavy with older adults cannot sustain social security and health programs, and a shrinking base of young adults will cripple our military defenses.
It's time to reject ideologies and government policies that devalue our children and imperil our future. With President Obama unwilling to rescind his draconian mandate, we now must depend on Congress and the courts to overturn his reckless social engineering.

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