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Monday, July 2, 2012

Give power back to the people

Those of us in Virginia still coping without power after the storm know the feeling all too well. Like other Americans, we've been experiencing Obamacare, which steals power from patients and physicians and redirects it to the federal government.
Partisans pushed the health care law through Congress without considering the repercussions of increasing taxes during an economic crisis; without calculating the crippling cost of heaping sweeping mandates, draconian fines and mountains of regulations onto businesses; and without caring for the patients who would lose health care access after Medicare cuts left even more physicians unable to treat poor patients.
Perhaps no single feature of Obamacare better illustrates this bull-headed approach than the administration's nationwide mandate forcing virtually all employer insurance plans to include even the most controversial contraceptives and sterilization surgeries. The coercive rule tramples First Amendment rights by forcing many faith-based conscientious objectors to subsidize products considered morally repugnant. It also tramples free enterprise principles, by decreeing that insurers somehow must not only offer the products and services--including $6,000 sterilization surgeries--for free, while forbidding them to recoup their losses through premium adjustments.
It's time for Congress and the President to stop trying to take over the world and replace this overreaching law with sensible, measured and bipartisan health care reforms. Provide a sustainable safety net for the poor, restore and strengthen conscience protections, cut coverage costs by increasing competition across state lines, reform malpractice lawsuit excesses, cut fraud and reduce bureaucracy. 
Wrench power away from government bureaucrats and give it back to the people.

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