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Monday, March 12, 2012

Whistle-blower lawsuit against Planned Parenthood unsealed

This just in about Planned Parenthood, a slick and sleazy billion-dollar enterprise that each year rakes in hundreds of millions in taxpayer-funded federal grants and performs hundreds of thousands abortions:
A formerly sealed federal “whistle-blower” suit against Planned Parenthood finally has been made public. The suit against a Texas Planned Parenthood affiliate was filed in 2009 by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of former Clinic Director Abby Johnson.
The complaint states, “At a late 2008/early 2009 monthly management meeting, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, through Members of Planned Parenthood’s Key Management Team, openly acknowledged to Ms. Johnson and others attending this management meeting that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast had, in fact, been fraudulently billing the Texas WHP program for non-reimbursable products and services but would hope not to get caught and would hide these facts from the United States, the State of Texas, and/or their respective fiscal intermediaries and not provide any reimbursement of monies received…”
According to this statement by ADF, the Texas affiliate now known as Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, “filed at least 87,075 false, fraudulent, or ineligible claims with the Texas Women’s Health Program.  As a result, Planned Parenthood wrongfully received and retained reimbursements totaling more than $5.7 million.”

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