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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obamacare: Somehow "hope and change" translated into "kneel and obey."

As the Supreme Court hears arguments for and against Obamacare, supporters of the massive intrusion of the federal government into the physician-patient relationship are ginning up the old talking points. Like the one about the supposed freedom to keep your health insurance without change. But the contraceptives mandate has already blown the lid off that cover-up: now virtually every plan must change to cover life-ending contraceptives, regardless of moral persuasion.
Supporters are also dusting off the old talking point about increasing access to health care--without mentioning that this administration's gutting of conscience protections, disdain for religious liberty and heavy-handed regulations threaten to drive out of medicine many faith-based and pro-life health professionals.
And then we hear yet once more about how Obamacare is just the medicine we need to save costs in health care, without disclosure of the unpleasant side-effect: the government will be deciding instead of you and your physician whether you get the most effective cancer treatment or merely the cheapest.
In all of this, it's becoming clearer and clearer that the American people are not buying the golden rhetoric like they did four years ago. Somehow "hope and change" translated into "kneel and obey." 
Now it's up to the Supreme Court or the next session of Congress to restore our liberties.

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