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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tarring Tebow and Christian political activists

Commentator Cal Thomas tars Tim Tebow and church leaders for publicly exercising their faith, essentially labeling them Pharisees who crave approval for practicing piety.
Thomas disapproves of Tebow's kneeling in thanks to God, yet anyone who's watched the rookie's unpredictable passing soon realizes he needs divine assistance to win. One can hardly blame the guy for publicly acknowledging the fact.
Thomas lambastes church leaders for endorsing a presidential candidate who promises to honor life and respect religious freedom, alleging that they "repeatedly search for an earthly savior." Yet anyone who's watched politicians work in Washington realizes they're about the farthest thing from earthly saviors.
One can hardly blame people of faith for praying for a new president who won't gut conscience protections for health professionals, or petition the Supreme Court to force faith-based organizations to hire people who violate their values or force pro-life individuals to subsidize life-ending contraceptives.
To exclude people of faith from the public square would be to ignore the landmark gains made by the faith community through political action--including ending slavery and segregation, advancing protections for human beings in all stages of life and providing safety nets for the poor. If that's Pharisaism, then we ought to embrace every jot and tittle of it.

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