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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Case of nurses coerced on abortion illustrates campaign against conscience

NJ nurses with attorney Matt Bowman, Rep. Chris Smith
Contrasting quotes from a Washington Post news story of a dozen pro-life nurses pressured to participate in abortions illustrate the coercive ideology behind the battle for conscience rights in health care.
Nurse Beryl Otieno-Negoje sums up simply her conscientious commitment: “I’m a nurse so I can help people, not help kill.”
A hospital manager reportedly bluntly dismissed the nurses' Hippocratic ethics, reportedly instructing nurse Fe Esperanza R. Vinoya, “‘You just have to catch the baby’s head. Don’t worry, it’s already dead.’”
The American Civil Liberties Union Reproductive Freedom Project reveals an upside-down view of American civil liberties--by asserting that the nurses' freedom to support reproduction over abortion is an intolerable way to "discriminate against patients."
The Obama administration has launched its own discrimination campaign, by designing grant stipulations for trafficking victims to deny funding to organizations with moral objections to abortion, by mandating without a meaningful conscience exemption the provision of controversial contraceptives, and by gutting the only federal regulation protecting conscience in health care.
It's time for the ideologues in this administration and the medical community to stop coercing others to conform to their abortion agenda, end the discrimination and uphold First Amendment conscience rights.

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