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Monday, November 28, 2011

Washington Post: New Jersey nurses charge religious discrimination over hospital abortion policy

My colleague Matt Bowman (right) of the Alliance Defense Fund is leading a lawsuit on behalf of 12 New Jersey nurses being forced to participate in abortions. The lawsuit illustrates the ignorance within the medical community of federal laws protecting the exercise of conscience in health care. The Washington Post caught up with this story today:
A dozen nurses in New Jersey have rekindled the contentious debate over when health-care workers can refuse to play a role in caring for women getting abortions. In a lawsuit filed in federal court Oct. 31, 12 nurses charge that the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey violated state and federal laws by abruptly announcing in September that nurses would have to help with abortion patients before and after the procedure, reversing a long-standing policy exempting employees who refuse based on religious or moral objections.
"I'm a nurse so I can help people, not help kill, and it just doesn't seem right to me," said Beryl Otieno-Negoje, one of the nurses. "No health professional should be forced to choose between assisting abortion or being penalized at work."  Read full article...

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