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Monday, August 15, 2011

Join other Americans in opposing Obamacare mandate of contraceptives

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of American adults shows that Americans oppose the Obama administration's recent mandate of life-ending contraceptives.
The poll report notes that "A majority of Americans (54%) believe health insurance costs would increase if all companies covered women’s contraceptives, while only 15% say cost of insurance would decrease."
The poll did not even mention the negative fact that certain contraceptives to be included in the mandate have the potential, according to the FDA, to end the life of a developing human being in the early embryonic stage.
Yet under the new Obama administration mandate, virtually all Americans will have to subsidize the life-ending contraceptives, either through their insurance premiums or their tax dollars--regardless of their conscientious opposition.
The Obama administration mandate included, apparently primarily for PR purposes, a fig-leaf "conscience exemption" that would apply only to a very few religious organizations that are dedicated to providing services only to members of that faith. So if a Catholic ministry provides food, clothing or other services to non-Catholics, they are denied an exemption, regardless of Catholic conscientious opposition to contraception. If a Christian evangelical ministry provides health, rehabilitation or other services to anyone besides Christian evangelicals, such organizations will also be forced to subsidize life-ending contraceptives under the Obama plan.
The ironic, or insane, result of this policy is that Christian ministries are actually penalized for reaching out to help others beyond the walls of the Church.
The First Amendment provides that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...." By prohibiting the free exercise of religion and conscience, this audacious contraceptive mandate threatens the very civil liberties that form the basis for our nation.
What to do? 
Visit the Freedom2Care Legislative Action site, and urge your Representative and urge your Senators to cosponsor legislation (H.R. 1179 / S. 1467) that would put a stop to Obamacare's trampling of conscience rights.
While you're on the site, you can also petition your lawmakers and the President to uphold conscience rights with strong laws and regulations.

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