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Monday, July 25, 2011

Obama supports contraceptive giveaway

Published in The Washington Examiner, July 25, 2011:

Re: "Gov't advisers: No copays for contraceptives," July 20
With the government drowning in debt and businesses teetering on the brink, the seemingly oblivious Obama administration has concocted a "cash for contraceptives" scheme that considers neither cost nor conscience.
An Institute of Medicine panel, commissioned and ideologically stacked by the Obama administration, has decreed that pregnancy is a public health hazard that requires forcing every American to subsidize a nationwide contraceptive giveaway program.
Besides mandating a massive expenditure without a cost analysis, the dictatorial mandate also tramples the conscience rights of every patient, physician, employer and insurer who ethically objects to the controversial contraceptives included in the mandate, such as ella and the "morning-after pill", which can end the life of a human embryo.
But this administration and its allies, like the billion-dollar Planned Parenthood empire, see conscience rights as an impediment to abortion ideology, and the appropriation of the public health system as the path to their own profits.
Jonathan Imbody
Vice president for government relations,
Christian Medical Association

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