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Monday, April 18, 2011

Planned Parenthood: More fit for a federal investigation than a federal subsidy

Facing a $1.5 trillion national deficit, a borrowed $700-billion bailout program and now an over half a billion dollar unplanned war in Libya, most lawmakers and taxpayers are hardly in a mood to spend more--especially on grants to scandalized abortion businesses posing as nonprofits.
No wonder the House of Representatives voted 240-185[i] to cut off federal subsidies to Planned Parenthood, a billion-dollar "nonprofit" enterprise that performed 332,278 abortions[ii] and received $363.2 million in taxpayer funding, according to its 2009 annual report.[iii]
Every week or so, a new scandal documented with statistical and videotaped evidence exposes Planned Parenthood as corrupt.
As Ohio Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt noted, "For the sake of abortion, Planned Parenthood holds itself above the law, ignoring mandatory reporting requirements, skirting parental consent, and aiding and abetting child sex trafficking."[iv]
This behemoth abortion business is a conglomerate more fit for a federal investigation than a federal subsidy.
[i] Feb. 18, 2011 House vote on the Pence Amendment.
[ii] Planned Parenthood Services fact sheet, current as of Feb. 2011.
[iii] "Planned Parenthood Federation of America Annual report 2008-2009."
[iv] Speech by Rep. Jean Schmidt on House floor Feb. 17, 2011.

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