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Friday, February 4, 2011

Incredibly blaming taxpayers for Gosnell abortion mill's concentration camp inhumanity

Confronted with the horrors of live babies killed with concentration camp inhumanity and of women who suffered and died in a filthy abortion facility described as "a bad gas station restroom," the executive director of the Women's Medical Fund incredibly responds in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece by blaming Dr. Kermit Gosnell's abortion butchery on taxpayers' opposition to funding abortion.
It seems inconceivable that abortion advocates could remain so fixated on their ideological agenda that they can no longer feel the instinctive human revulsion at the unconscionable abuse of human life displayed in this case.
As Karen Heller righly observed in her Jan. 26 Inquirer column, "People on both sides of the abortion debate should have been outraged by what was happening."
This case provides a teachable moment for us all to better comprehend the palpable horror of abortion and a legislative moment to address a corrupt regulatory system. That scandalously politicized system has allowed butchers like Dr. Gosnell to take the lives not only of babies but also of their mothers, with impunity. Those who choose to obscure or deny the reality of abortion clinics and stand in the way of reform will find themselves out of step with Pennsylvanians and most of humanity.

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