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Friday, November 5, 2010

Capitol Hill Inside Scoop: Pro-Life Election Results Rundown

I attended a private meeting yesterday of U.S. House of Representatives staff and pro-life leaders to discuss the results of the election from a pro-life perspective. Here's a quick summary of what happened on Tuesday:
  • 52 Pro-life Improvements in U.S. House of Representatives:
    • 38 pro-life Members-elect replacing Members who voted consistently or mostly pro-abortion
    • 14 pro-life Members-elect replacing Members with a mixed pro-life voting record
  • 32 No Pro-life Change:
    • 25 pro-life Members-elect replacing outgoing Members who had a consistent pro-life voting record
    • 7 pro-abortion Members-elect replacing pro-abortion Members
  • 3 full or partial pro-life losses:
    • 1 pro-life Member who will be replaced by a pro-abortion Member-elect
    • 2 sometimes pro-life Members replaced by pro-abortion Members-elect
Pro-Life Improvements - Listing
Incoming Member is expected to vote consistently pro-life; predecessor voted consistently or mostly pro-abortion:
1. AR-02 Griffin, Tim (replacing Snyder)
2. AZ-01 Gosar, Paul (replacing Kirkpatrick)
3. AZ-05 Schweikert, Dave (replacing Mitchell)
4. CO-03 Tipton, Scott (replacing Salazar)
5. CO-04 Gardner, Cory (replacing Markey)
6. FL-02 Southerland, Steve (replacing Boyd)
7. FL-08 Webster, Daniel (replacing Grayson)
8. FL-22 West, Allen (replacing Klein)
9. FL-24 Adams, Sandy (replacing Kosmas)
10. ID-01 Labrador, Raul (replacing Minnick)
11. IL-11 Kinzinger, Adam (replacing Halvorson)
12. IL-14 Hultgren, Randy (replacing Foster)
13. IL-17 Schilling, Bob (replacing Hare)
14. KS-03 Yoder, Kevin (replacing Moore)
15. MD-01 Harris, Andy (replacing Kratovil)
16. MI-07 Walberg, Tim (replacing Schauer)
17. NC-02 Ellmers, Renee (replacing Etheridge)
18. ND-AL Berg, Rick (replacing Pomeroy)
19. NH-01 Guinta, Frank (replacing Shea-Porter)
20. NM-02 Pearce, Steve (replacing Teague)
21. NV-03 Heck, Joe (replacing Titus)
22. NY-13 Grimm, Michael (replacing McMahon)
23. NY-29 Reed, Tom (replacing Massa)
24. OH-18 Gibbs, Bob (replacing Space)
25. PA-07 Meehan, Pat (replacing Sestak)
26. PA-08 Fitzpatrick, Mike (replacing Murphy)
27. SC-05 Mulvaney, Mick (replacing Spratt)
28. SD-AL Noem, Kristi (replacing Herseth Sandlin)
29. TN-06 Black, Diane (replacing Gordon)
30. TN-08 Fincher, Stephen (replacing Tanner)
31. TX-17 Flores, Bill (replacing Edwards)
32. TX-23 Canseco, Quico (replacing Rodriguez)
33. VA-02 Rigell, Scott (replacing Nye)
34. VA-05 Hurt, Robert (replacing Perriello)
35. VA-09 Griffith, Morgan (replacing Boucher)
36. WA-03 Herrera, Jaime (replacing Baird)
37. WI-07 Duffy, Sean (replacing Obey)
38. WI-08 Ribble, Reid (replacing Kagen)

Incoming Member is expected to vote consistently pro-life; predecessor had a mixed voting record
1. AR-01 Crawford, Rick (replacing Berry)
2. IN-08 Buchshon, Larry (replacing Ellsworth)
3. IN-09 Young, Todd (replacing Hill)
4. LA-03 Landry, Jeff (replacing Melancon)
5. MI-01 Benishek, Dan (replacing Stupak)
6. MN-08 Cravaack, Chip (replacing Oberstar)
7. MO-04 Hartzler, Vicky (replacing Skelton)
8. OH-01 Chabot, Steve (replacing Driehaus)
9. OH-06 Johnson, Bill (replacing Wilson)
10. OH-16 Renacci, Jim (replacing Boccieri)
11. PA-03 Kelly, Mike (replacing Dahlkemper)
12. PA-10 Marino, Thomas (replacing Carney)
13. PA-11 Barletta, Lou (replacing Kanjorski)
14. WV-01 McKinley, David (replacing Mollohan)

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