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Monday, September 20, 2010

Real cures for real patients: ethical and proven adult stem cell research

A USA Today story about our lawsuit to enforce federal law prohibiting human embryo destruction notes that "Stem cell research has the potential to produce breakthroughs in treating life-threatening diseases that have resisted traditional treatment."

More specifically, only the type of stem cell research that does not kill a living human embryo has demonstrated effectiveness in real patients, currently treating over 70 diseases. Embryonic stem cell research destroys living, genetically complete human embryos to harvest embryonic stem cells, which are powerful yet unstable and produce tumors. Despite hundreds of millions of federal and institutional dollars, embryo-destroying research has not cured a single patient.
That's why physicians including the 16,000-member Christian Medical Association filed the original lawsuit--to enforce the bipartisan federal law that will insure that our government focuses funding on the already proven, fastest and ethical route to real cures for real patients.

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