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Friday, March 5, 2010

Urgent: Your action on health care needed now

The future of health care in America may be determined within the next few days.
Sources on Capitol Hill reveal that U.S. Representatives are being coerced to vote for the costly, overreaching and morally controversial Senate healthcare overhaul bill.
Pro-abortion House leaders are desperately arranging a vote before Easter recess--before Representatives go to their districts and face constituents in town hall meetings protesting the partisan bill.
The already-passed Senate bill awaiting a House vote includes a controversial scheme for government funding of abortion.
The Senate also voted against strong conscience protections for physicians and nurses who for moral and religious reasons will not participate in abortions and other controversial procedures.
The Senate bill also, as never before, injects the Government into the patient-physician relationship … into regulation of medical procedures and resources … and into personal choices on health insurance.
The House months ago barely passed its own healthcare bill, by just five votes. This time, pro-life Members who object to the Senate bill's funding of abortions may vote No. Those Members especially need our encouragement to stand firm for life.
This landmark vote on the future of American health care may well be determined by as few as one or two Members—maybe your own Representative!
You can help counter pro-abortion pressure by telling your Representative to vote No on the radical Senate healthcare overhaul bill.
Your message to vote No on the healthcare overhaul bill can have a powerful impact. Every politician knows that constituents like you will determine his or her future in Congress.
   Here's what you can do:
  • Call and e-mail your Representative's office, identify yourself as a constituent, and simply say that you are urging your Representative to vote "NO" on the Senate healthcare overhaul bill. For contact information, see .
To multiply your influence even more, you can:
  • Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper—about 150 words. Check the paper's online site for email contact information. Your Representative and staff read the local newspaper daily.
  • Spread the word with email, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, asking your friends and family to also send a clear message to Congress. Include links to the House contact information above and any of the resources below.
Thank you for taking time to make your views known—and for protecting the lives of the unborn, the conscience rights of healthcare professionals and the freedoms of patients. To learn more:

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