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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prez drafts skyscraper plan, says GOP can decorate elevators

Having already drafted architectural plans for an eyesore skyscraper of overbearing government mandates and regulation, President Obama essentially told his GOP opponents at a televised healthcare summit that he would now entertain their ideas on how to decorate the elevators.
When Republicans insisted instead on working together to build a house the country could approve and afford, the President stuffed his plans under his arm and threatened to bypass the rules in order to erect the monstrosity.
The radical legislation before Congress threatens new government intrusion into the patient-physician relationship, heavy-handed mandates and taxes on individuals and employers and overbearing federal regulation of the marketplace. Despite campaign promises of transparent negotiations and immunity from special-interest influence, these plans have been crafted in secret and riddled with deals cut with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry … with campaign-funding union bosses … with the marginalized American Medical Association … and with holdout Senators Mary "Louisiana Purchase" Landrieu and Nebraska's Ben "Cornhusker Kickback" Nelson.
The desperate decision to jam the plan through Congress through the misnamed "reconciliation" maneuver may fail, if courageous pro-life House Democrats who oppose government funding of abortion vote "No" on the Senate-passed bill. Maybe then the President and his party will finally scrap their skyscraper scheme and work with the rest of Congress and the country to build a new house on a bipartisan foundation of focused, cost-cutting reform and a renewed respect for the democratic process.

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