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Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama speech fact check: Not exactly...

Fact check: In his State of the Union address, did President Obama accurately boast, "My administration has a civil rights division that is once again prosecuting civil rights violations and employment discrimination."
Not exactly.
The Obama administration is selectively prosecuting civil rights violations and employment discrimination.
Three federal laws forbid discrimination against healthcare professionals who decline to participate in life-ending procedures such as abortion. A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulation designates the HHS Office of Civil Rights to receive and process discrimination complaints.
President Obama has announced his intention to get rid of the conscience-protecting regulation, and his staff at HHS already have enforced a de-facto rescission. The HHS Office of Civil Rights web site for discrimination reporting  invites individuals to report every type of discrimination with one exception--conscience discrimination. The administration clearly has no intention of actively prosecuting civil rights violations regarding conscience.
Polling shows  that without conscience rights protections, 95 percent of faith-based physicians will be compelled to stop practicing medicine, creating a crisis of healthcare access.
Before the President can boast accurately of prosecuting discrimination, his administration must stop discriminating in the civil rights laws they choose to enforce.

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