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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mired in healthcare muck, the President suddenly pleads for help

Following are excerpts of my Op-Ed published today in The Church Report:
Mr. Obama used the Super Bowl pregame show to tell CBS News that finally--after a year of failing to jam his partisan healthcare plan down the throats of Congress and the American public—he's ready "to look at the Republican ideas that are out there."
Not that GOP plans have been hidden from sight, like the White House healthcare negotiations have been. Mr. Obama could have simply whipped out his Blackberry, Googled "Republican health care plan" and surfed through 17 million links.
"And I want to be very specific," Mr. Obama earnestly continues in the CBS interview, apparently on the verge of revealing the cryptic healthcare conundrums that have stymied him and his staff up until now.
"How do you guys want to lower costs?"
That might have been a good question for the President and his party to start with a year ago, before crafting a radical and now-rejected plan to have their government take over our health care.  READ full Op-Ed

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