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Friday, January 15, 2010

Your invitation to Washington, DC

Come join thousands of like-minded friends and concerned citizens in Washington, DC this coming Friday, January 22.
Join the March for Life, visit  your legislators and help save lives.
  In this landmark one-day event on Capitol Hill, you will be joining thousands of families and individuals just like you who take seriously our democratic responsibility to influence our government.
This year we will band together to take to Congress one simple, unifying message: No Abortion in Health Care.
Right now, the White House and pro-abortion Members of Congress think they are on what the President has ironically but aptly called the "precipice" of passing healthcare overhaul. Politicians have been cutting billions of dollars of pork barrel, special interest deals behind closed doors in a desperate effort to push their radical agenda through.
Unless American citizens rise up in this 11th hour and make our voices heard, Congress will pass a dangerously radical healthcare bill that will:
  • subsidize abortion,
  • undermine the conscience rights of healthcare professionals,
  • and inject government bureaucrats into the physician-patient relationship.
Ready to join this exciting movement to protect our liberties and our children's future? Click on this link below to find all you need to plan your trip and make your voice heard:
You'll find here:
  • one-page action sheet summarizing the who, what, when, where, why and how.
  • E-mail and social networking (Facebook and Twitter)  message samples to help you share this information with others.
  • Sample slogans and messages, plus graphic files if you would like to bring a sign to the march.
  • Talking points
  • Congressional Office Visit Guide and  What to Ask Your Elected Officials
Thank you for responsibly standing up and making your voice heard!
For more information on healthcare overhaul, visit the Learn section of

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I understand the urgency and I want to make a difference and be seen and heard!

The liberal media cannot ignore us if we can all show up.

Let Freedom Ring!