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Friday, November 20, 2009

Senate vote within hours could determine healthcare - call now

This weekend the U.S. Senate will hold a crucial vote on whether or not to proceed with the expensive healthcare overhaul bill that will:
  • launch government funding of abortions
  • threaten the conscience rights of faith-based healthcare professionals and
  • deeply inject the government into the physician-patient relationship.
So if you don’t want your government to pay for abortions … pressure life-affirming physicians out of medicine … and take away decision-making ability from physicians and patients, then you need to call your two senators today.
Because if supporters of this radical bill can muster 60 votes this weekend to proceed on this bill, they essentially win the battle. They will only need 50 votes on the healthcare overhaul bill itself to completely pass the bill.
With enough in the majority party to pass the bill on a partisan basis with 50 votes, that means this weekend is our best—and possibly our last--chance to stop this reckless legislation.
So call your Senators today ( and tell them to VOTE NO on proceeding with the healthcare overhaul bill.
This bill fails to include broad conscience protections for medical professionals and institutions. It also includes government-run health care that will mean delay and denial of care to many patients.
Unless we speak out now, Congress may pass a bill that tramples conscience rights and puts patients at the mercy of the government.
Remember the vote is expected this weekend, so call today and tell them to VOTE NO on proceeding with the healthcare overhaul bill.
Thank you for taking a stand!
P.S. This weekend’s Senate vote looks very, very close. It is important to contact every senator to VOTE NO on proceeding with this bill. The following senators are considered especially crucial:
  • Bayh
  • Byrd
  • Casey
  • Collins
  • Conrad
  • Dorgan
  • T. Johnson
  • Landrieu
  • Lincoln
  • McCaskill
  • Nelson
  • Pryor
  • Reid
  • Snowe
  • Warner
Freedom2Care is an ad-hoc coalition of conscience-affirming organizations, coordinated by the 16,000-member
 Christian Medical Association (
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