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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Secret bill finally unveiled

Last night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid finally unveiled the healthcare overhaul bill that’s been worked on behind closed doors for weeks. A full Senate vote on whether or not to proceed with this bill is expected this weekend.
Some Senators plan to fight against any conscience protections for life-affirming medical professionals and faith-based hospitals and clinics. Without conscience protections for life-affirming medical professionals and institutions, millions of patients may lose access to the care they depend upon.
Some Senators also plan to demand expensive government-run health care—like the “public option” already passed in the House bill. Analysts note that government-run health care will delay and deny—in other words, ration--health care for many patients.
The House bill for the moment includes conscience protections (through the Stupak amendment) but ONLY has protection related to abortion. Now abortion advocates in Congress are plotting to get rid of even that conscience protection.
This weekend's expected vote on whether or not to proceed with the Senate bill is expected to be extremely close. Just one of your Senators could make the difference! (Below is a list of Senators considered crucial.)
Call your Senators today ( and tell them to VOTE NO on any bill that:
  1. Fails to include broad conscience protections for medical professionals and institutions.
  2. Includes government-run health care that will mean delay and denial of care to many patients.
Unless we speak out now, Congress may pass a bill that tramples conscience rights and puts patients at the mercy of the government. Thank you for taking a stand!

Senators considered crucial:

  • Bayh
  • Byrd
  • Casey
  • Collins
  • Conrad
  • Dorgan
  • T. Johnson
  • Landrieu
  • Lincoln
  • McCaskill
  • Nelson
  • Pryor
  • Reid
  • Snowe
  • Warner

1 comment:

Genevieve said...

A senator or representative with well-informed conscience and has fear of the Giver of Life should not vote for this Health Care because it provides for the destruction of unborn citizens of this country.