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Monday, November 23, 2009

Healthcare radicals bank on public ignorance and gullibility

I recently wrote an op-ed, published by the long-standing conservative publication Human Events, that explains how public vigilance is the key to stopping the radical and reckless healthcare overhaul plan in Congress:

November 21, 2009 - To give you an idea of the kind of math that Reid and his allies employ, they conveniently left out of the projected cost of the bill some $247 billion -- the cost of a 10-year freeze on cuts in Medicare payments to doctors. Reid had proposed that expensive "doctor-fix" plan to buy off the American Medical Association, which dutifully endorsed the overall health care bill in response to the cash inducement.  Read op-ed


Robert said...

The cost isn't even the worst part of the bill. This bill is aimed at changing the relationship between government and citizen into one of master over SLAVES! The goal of the bill is to establish government power over each citizen's very life in order to control them. ("A power over a man's sustenance is a power over his will.") The Nazis implemented government-controlled access to health care in Germany for exactly that reason. The fact that their ideological cousins are trying to subject Americans to it is absolutely chilling, and an outrage! If the Democrats do push this through, then they have put themselves into a state of WAR against America.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Americans throw around references to the Nazis (who were ultra extreme right wingers) and decry any program that provides equal access to live sustaining and enhancing services as Socialism. Socialism is such a feared bug-a-boo in the US because the public has long been told that equality for all means a loss of freedom and leads to life under a totalitarian communist regime - This is ignorant and malicious fear-mongering designed keep the for-profit medical services and the insurance industry in control. This results in excessive costs for health-care and the restriction of full access to health care to the rich, those employed by big corporations who end up owning their workforce who work and live in fear of losing their benefits.
Even for those ensured, the deductibles and co-pays assure that when a family member gets seriously ill, the whole family is driven into such grievous debt that families lose their homes and often the financial stress destroys families and undermines marriages.

Why would any humane American, resist the move to a truly Universal health-care delivery system such as exists and functions in nearly every civilized, democracy other than the USA?

The answer is greed, and the notion that those who are uninsured and undeserving or unworthy for most Americans to care about. They are blamed for being responsible for their own plight.

Shame on the USA for failing to meet the dire needs of the most vulnerable in their society.

Put aside your self-satisfied smugness about how you have the greatest country in the world and make it a country that does what is needed to make America live up to its ideals.

Health care reform with full access for all legal residents, is an important first step in realizing the dream of making America a shining example to the world!

Dr. Lawrence B. Erdile