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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Evasive lawmaking

Addressing the realization that any supposed benefits from healthcare overhaul legislation would take three years to materialize, the White House cautions, "It's very important to get the execution right.” Yet the same political party that promised transparency and now calls for patience from patients is balking at requests for healthcare bills to be posted online at least three days before legislators vote on it.
Wouldn’t “getting the execution right” begin with reading the bill to make sure the plan for the execution is right?
The healthcare “reform” process has been marked by complication (a thousand-page bill creating a massive network of new government bureaucracy), obfuscation (accounting schemes to hide federal funding of abortion), and hypocrisy (promising conscience protections while voting down conscience-protecting amendments).
Meaningful healthcare reform may well hinge on first reforming the equivocating conduct of Congress and evasive lawmaking.

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